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I've been talking about this idea on The Nielson Show for a few weeks and it kind of started as a joke but at this point with the Oilers power-play not lighting the world on fire I'm actually thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea.

The concept is dueling power-play units, like pianos, but power-plays. It will never, ever, ever happen but just for fun let's live in a fantasy world for a minute or two. You put Connor McDavid on one unit and Leon Draisaitl on the other and go from there, hell, you could even let them draft their own groups, as long as it's done during an NS Draft on TSN 1260.

Which ever unit is playing better get's to start the power-play, or even alternate from PP to PP to drive that competition.

As an example you could run Bouchard on the point with McDavid, Kane, Yamo and Hyman as a net front presence and then follow it up with Barrie on the point with Draisaitl, Nuge, McLeod and Puljujarvi as your crease crasher in front.

It will likely never happen and it could simply be a horrible idea to not have McDavid and Draisaitl out there together but part of me wants to see it just to say we did.

If the Oilers did do this how would you like to see the two units set up? Hit me up on twitter @nielsonTSN1260 or comment right here on the site.

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