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I'm not wasting anytime getting ready for the 2022 Fantasy Football season. I've already taken part in my first best ball draft of the season and I'm almost wrapped up my second.

I use the MY FFPC website/app. Check it out here. At this time of year I'm usually just doing $5.00 Best Ball drafts but if you are a big spender you can find leagues all the way up to $2,000-$3,500. They even have main event live drafts in Vegas, put it on the bucket list.

For my first draft of the year I was drafting out of the 4th spot and I should note that these are TE Premium drafts so you'll get an extra .5 points for a TE reception, that's why you see tight-ends going a bit earlier than usual.

Here is the full draft and a few thoughts on my picks below.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit torn drafting out of the four hole, I was debating between Ekeler, Cook and Henry but in the end I decided to ride with Ekeler, I didn't have many shares of Ekeler this past season so I decided to hop on an RB that should be a big part of an explosive offense with Herbert running the show.

I was very tempted to take Deebo in the second round but I'm still a huge fan of what A.J. Brown can bring to the table and we aren't sure how Deebo will be used in a Trey Lance offense.

I was happy to add Terry McLaurin and Chris Godwin in the 4th and 5th rounds and if you can actually get those guys at that value in July and August I'll be very surprised.

I ended up with Jalen Hurts in the 7th and then added Jameis Winston, who should start somewhere and Taysom Hill for QB depth in the later rounds.

FAVOURITE PICK: Terry McLaurin (4.9), I think McLaurin is a stud, was very happy to land him late in the 4th round.

PICK I'M MOST WORRIED ABOUT: Clyde Edwards-Helaire (6.9), late sixth round isn't awful but can he stay healthy and finally live up to the hype.

OVERALL DRAFT GRADE: I'd say this draft is about a C+, not a great effort to start draft season. I'm a bit worried about QB and in a TE premium league I'm throwing too many darts for my liking.

Let me know what you think, you can hit me up on twitter @nielsonTSN1260 or just comment right here!

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